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Zhejiang University's 2019 graduate employment quality report shows that there are 11948 graduates in the 2019 class, ranking first in the country among the top universities in the country.


As of November 20,2019,2,793 students were studying in the territory,1505 were studying abroad (territory),7,369 were actually employed and 281 were not employed. The main force for further studies is undergraduate students.


Among the 7332 actual graduates of zhejiang university (excluding part-directed students), the main areas of student employment are still in zhejiang, shanghai, guangdong, beijing, jiangsu and other front-line or developed areas, according to the report.


The class of 2019 actually employs 4310 people in zhejiang province, of which more than 80% are employed in hangzhou. In addition, from the graduates in the last three years of employment in Zhejiang Province, the proportion of employment in Hangzhou is more than 80%.


\"I like Hangzhou,\" said Dong from Shaoxing.\" Hangzhou has developed very well and is close to home. \"A classmate from Jiangsu also said:\" In Hangzhou, I am now more adapted to life here, and my hometown is also close to Hangzhou. \".


Among them, the distribution of the unit nature of doctoral employment and master's degree students, undergraduate students are quite different. Of the 2019 PhDs,% went to various institutions, compared with% for master students and only% for undergraduate students.


After zhe university postdoctoral guo fang introduction, a large number of phd employers, most of the hospitals at all levels, colleges and research institutions, in nature most belong to \"institutions.\" In addition, now many institutions, also favor the doctor as a representative of the high-quality high-level talent, out of a fairly good treatment. Recently, for example, institutions in the western and northeastern regions have launched various special programs to attract doctors and attract a large number of doctors.


Statistics show that a total of 56 units employ 15 or more graduates of the class of 2019 of Zhejiang University, and these units receive a total of 2792 graduates, accounting for% of the actual number of employed.


In fact, as early as the 2017 job quality report of zhe university, the number of Huawei recruitment reached 446, on the top. This year,Huawei's recruitment at zhe university continued to top the list, and more.


In addition, according to public reports,Huawei in other institutions, the number of recruitment is: peking university (133), tsinghua university (189), shanghai jiaotong university (336), nanjing university (274), xi'an jiaotong university (402) and harbin university of technology (472), is one of the top universities in the country recruit the largest number of enterprises.


As of November 20,2019,39 of the 2019 graduates of Zhejiang University have chosen to start their own businesses, including 18 undergraduate students,20 master's students and 1 doctoral student,31 male students and 8 female students,28 who have set up companies and submitted registration certificates to colleges and departments, and 11 who are preparing for the start-up.


A total of 2,232 undergraduate graduates of the class of 2019 were admitted as graduate students of domestic universities or research institutions, with a rate of% in the country. In the 2019 term,2,137 undergraduate students were admitted to the \"double-class\" universities (category A) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (including the Chinese Academy of Sciences), accounting for% of the total number of undergraduate graduates.


A total of 1,219 undergraduates in the class of 2019 went abroad for further studies, accounting for% of the total number of undergraduates, and the rate of further studies abroad fell by a percentage point from last year.


Zhejiang University's 2019 undergraduate graduates went to the top 100 of the world's top 100(2019 USNews global university ranking Top100 colleges and universities ranking) for further studies was 723, accounting for% of the total number of further studies.


From the industry of publishing recruitment information employers, information transmission, software and information technology services, manufacturing and finance are the most demanding areas for graduates to recruit.


The annual salary of graduates also has a certain correlation with gender. In the annual salary of less than 170 thousand yuan, the proportion of boys is obviously lower than that of girls; in the range of annual salary of more than 180 thousand yuan, the proportion of boys is higher than that of girls.